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On blocking the list (was Re: viruses after the downtime?)

Thursday, February 5, 2004,1:57Adam Walker
Thursday, February 5, 2004,1:49Mark J. Reed
Thursday, February 5, 2004,1:10Costentin Cornomorus
Wednesday, February 4, 2004,22:39Christophe Grandsire
Monday, February 2, 2004,22:31Costentin Cornomorus
Monday, February 2, 2004,21:34Christophe Grandsire
Monday, February 2, 2004,21:22Christophe Grandsire
Monday, February 2, 2004,5:23Mark J. Reed
Monday, February 2, 2004,4:55Roger Mills
Sunday, February 1, 2004,23:24Costentin Cornomorus
Sunday, February 1, 2004,23:24Philippe Caquant
Sunday, February 1, 2004,23:24Mark J. Reed
Friday, January 30, 2004,19:53Christophe Grandsire
Friday, January 30, 2004,19:24Jan van Steenbergen
Friday, January 30, 2004,18:37Roger Mills