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Re: A natlang-independant project

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Thursday, July 13, 2000, 22:33
dirg kov ra:

> Keep us posted.
I am a fan of creating a language whose dictionary, texts, grammar and history all contained in one book, but in this case I plan to write about "the sketchbook project" both in my rodnús notebook and as updates on this list. I can see about 3 days into the future as far as this project goes, so I am anxious to both see where it goes after that and whether developments in the sketchbook mirror natlangs in any unconscious ways that I may not realize. On a similar note, I was amazed to discover a few amazing similarities between features in rodnús and features in both Irish and Italian (This may be evidence in favor of genetic memory, considering I am of Irish and Italian ancestry). Joe Mondello