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Re: Babel in Lyanjen

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 1, 2001, 4:54
From: "Matt M." <matt_mcl@...>
> Someone mentioned the story of Babel (_Genesis_ 11:1-9). Apologies for any > perceived Abramocentrism in this choice of text; I'm not a Christian or a > Jew, but it's still a pretty interesting piece of literature to translate.
Don't worry about it. The Babel Text is a rather frequently conlang-translated document. See [snip]
> Sek majar kasamat eblasir in necanen ju in ebla'modat.
[snip] What's the function of the Lyanjen apostrophe?
> Note: For "God, the Lord, etc.," I had to come up with something new, as the > Shrislia do not have a term for such a personified deity.
Is there a reason why the tetragrammaton name might not simply be borrowed, in this case at least? [This isn't about you personally at all--after writing it, I see it looks like it, but I mean nothing negative--I'm just reminded of this in general.] I've noticed several people doing translations like this mention their languages have no _word_ for this kind of deity, [which is all well and fine, especially in conworlds where they are known not to exist] but don't seem to consider borrowing the _name_ of this particular one. [The Hebrew form of 'Jehovah' _is_ in the original of this text...] Is this Sapir-Whorfianism creeping in? I mean, in English that name isn't in common use for some reason [why?], but in (say) Spanish, 'Jehová' is a lot more common and does show up en la Biblia (RV version anyway)... [Even otherwise, 'Lord' which is the usual substitute, is just an ordinary human title--although a rather high one in English, compared to (say) what appears in Luther 'Herr', or in other Spanish 'Señor'... I think this is like what you've done for Lyanjen, which appears to be roughly equivalent to English's 'Lord God' as well as 'kamisama'.] [In other words, is it just me that notices things like this?]
> Therefore I took a > page from the Japanese and used Crisac, the name of the Shrislia's > deification of the animist spirit of the universe + an honorific title; a > nice calque of the Japanese "Kamisama".
I like that. Is it /'kri.sak/ ? *Muke!


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