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Babel in Lyanjen

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Monday, April 30, 2001, 20:19
Someone mentioned the story of Babel (_Genesis_ 11:1-9). Apologies for any
perceived Abramocentrism in this choice of text; I'm not a Christian or a
Jew, but it's still a pretty interesting piece of literature to translate.

Sek majar kasamat eblasir in necanen ju in ebla'modat.
Sek ca cudi, med guj erejisir ajas, ni gujar laulis jligzan ðótiat Cínar; ju
guj césuasi tat.
Sek gujaram dasisir gujamam can, "Iáu, asajar dobain nartte ju cíeste
bojard." Sek gujar opseisir dobain tojoram, ju golujan lyenakam.
Sek gujar dasisir can, "Iáu, asajar grekte ceblan ju sencan, ju cas jup
driru trilyam; ju asajar nartte riun asajam, k'dajam can, ni asajan piziju t
'ienaum jiupat kasamas bojard."
Sek Crisacan aubzi k'zrom ceblan sencanuj, cajan lei'ajajar grekisp.
Sek Crisacar dasi, "Iáu, lya sta in, ju gujanam opseiga in necanam; ju gujar
can gamenis. Sek ma, can gujar kae'kurun, kae'putu gujat."
"Iáu, ian aubzec, ju iar ziskiac necanan gujas cam, ni gujaram iks cárenun
eblan gujasam."
Boldiramat, Crisacar piziji gujan tas t'ienaum jiupat kasamas bojard; ju
guja snakis k'grekan ceblan.
Riu gas sta Babel stigasac, ni tat Crisacar ziski necanan kasamas bojard, ju
ni tas Crisacar piziji gujan t'ienaum jiupat kasamas bojard.

Lyoc Cris Bíblios, "Lyoc Gamenat" 11:1-9


Then everyone in the world spoke one language and by one way of speaking.
Then this happened: while they were travelling from the east, that they
found a plain in the land Shinar, and they lived there.
Then each of them said this to each, 'Behold, let us make bricks and fire
them completely.' Then they had bricks for stones and tar for mortar.
Then they said this: 'Behold, let us build a city and a tower, whose top
will reach the sky; and let us make a name for us, to avoid that we be
scattered broadly on the face of the whole world.'
Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of
humans had built.
Then the Lord said, 'Behold, the people are one, and they all have one
language; and they began doing this. Now everything that they want to do
will be possible for them."
'Behold, I will descend and whirl up their language, so that each of them
will not understand the speech of each.
To that end, the Lord scattered them from there broadly over the face of the
whole world.
Its name is Babel because there the Lord whirled up the language of the
whole world, and from there the Lord scattered them broadly over the face of
the whole world.

The Holy Book Bíblios, "Book of the Beginning" 11:1-9

Note: For "God, the Lord, etc.," I had to come up with something new, as the
Shrislia do not have a term for such a personified deity. Therefore I took a
page from the Japanese and used Crisac, the name of the Shrislia's
deification of the animist spirit of the universe + an honorific title; a
nice calque of the Japanese "Kamisama".

Matt McLauchlin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"There is a surplus of democracy in the world which is interfering with the
free movement of capital and investment."
- Renato Ruggiero, former director-general of the WTO


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