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The Ability of Abbreviation

From:Cheng Zhong Su <suchengzhong@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 11, 2001, 22:24
As English words are too long, sometimes we simplify
them by abbreviation. We have said four hundred
‘phonetic types’ still have some room to reduce words'
size, what will happen with 26 letters? In fact, some
mistakes are already there:
For instance what’s a CD? The answer could be various:
CD=Cable Drive; Cable Duct; Calling Device; Calls per
Day; Candela; Capacitor Diode; Carrier Detector;
Carried Down; Cash against Documents; Cash Discount;
Centre Distance; Certificate of Delivery; Certificate
of Deposit; Chaff Delivery; Chain Data; Chang
Directive; Charge and Discharge; Circular Dichroism;
Civile Defence; Classification of Defects; Coastal
Defence; Coefficient of Drag; Cold Drawn; Collected
and Delivered; Collection and Delivery; Collection and
Distribution; Common Digitiser; Communications and
Data; Communications Department; Compression
Deflection; Conductance; Confidential Document;
Control and Display; Control Desk; Cord; Cordoba
Durchmusterung; Corrected Depth; Coulometric Detector;
Counter Down; Creditor and Debtor; Critical
Difference; Crystal Diode; Crystal Driver; Cum
dividend; Current Density; Current Display; Cadmium
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