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Re: Cein

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Friday, June 1, 2001, 11:19
Andreas Johansson wrote:

> > Aha! I didn't know you were *that* much of an expert > > on CE. Thanks!
> That's what having read QaE and the Ardalambion's Primitive Elvish > article more times than you and I have fingers together does to > you! :-)
Hihi. And that's like *the longest* article on Ardalambion as well. :) I'm thinking that the "internal history" storys in the articles would help me create a suitable conculture and background for my little Chenn tribe. The Ilkorin article sure gave me a lot of ideas.
> > What does _-oo-yaa_ mean?
> _-oo_ is a very common nominal ending, and _-yaa_ an even more common > adjectival ending. So *_-oo-yaa_ would be what you get if you first form
> noun from a root and then turn it into an adjective. But I'm no Sindarin > expert, and I had actually never really thought about Sindarin _-ui_
> I saw your mail. I'll ask the sages on Elfling, me thinks.
Ah, that would be great. I'm curious as to what they'll say. Surely, someone must have looked into this. ||| daniel -- Na'i seler new nifelis, na'en <> nuirfelin - na'i nos yll alassen. <>