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Re: The "character" of Lindiga

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, May 31, 2004, 23:44
Herman Miller/John Leland wrote:

> Words for virtue in the general sense in my languages: > Kushy Yemu: fyzedona > Jases Lalal: zawah > Rihana-ye I woud expect to be viha, but this is an ad hoc idea.
Referring to a person's character or nature, there are a variety of compounds in Kash based on hañu- /xañu-/ the combining form of haniyu /xaniu/ 'soul, mind, consciousness'-- e.g. hañuvendel 'of noble character' (like a nobleman but not by birth). There is also a word (I can't get to the dictionary/supplement just now) that would refer to the "nature/character" of non-humans and/or inanimate things.
> Words for a written letter or equivalent: > Rihana-ye: diwivaroha > Jases Lalal: lawan > Pizatona-ye: jibh > Zatona-ye: yib
Kash _yuri_ (orig. < e- instrumental + uri 'write':) refers only to a letter of the hakanga (alphabet), yurihá, yuriká et seq.
> > The other meanings of character (e.g. a fictional character) do not yet > exist > in these languages. >
Still on the to-do list. Incidentally, me sainted mother (and I'm sure others)used "character" as a synonym for "amusing and likeable but eccentric person, perhaps of outrageous behavior", e.g. "What a character!!"