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Re: Translation challenge: Would you go out with me?

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, December 10, 2006, 16:47
Again late to this thread, Sai.... what if your conculture doesn't include
"dating" (as this phrase suggests in English)?  :-/  In Teonaht one can
invite people to their homes for dinner, to a restaurant, to a show, men can
invite other men to accompany them to taverns, women can invite women to go
to the fair, groups of women can invite groups of men to picnics, and so
forth.  It's very Sense and Sensibility, but there's no formal sense of
"dating" or "going out," or "stepping out," by a man and a woman.
Intrigues, yes, assignations, definitely! But normatively, there is only the
sense of "invitation" and "accompaniment":  Saro syl pomfor aril commanco
wemai heljend.  "Your accompanying to the banquet (or whatever) would
happy-state for us."


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> In your own conlang(s) (and/or weirder natlangs) or any you know; with > culturally appropriate equivalents. > > Extra bonus points if you post an audio recording. > > It'd be neat to use as an example for a conlang class or talk re > worldviews and phonaesthetics. > > - Sai >


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