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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 8:13
On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 18:02:41 +1100, Tristan McLeay
<conlang@...> wrote:

>In Old Føtisk, but maybe sometimes anachronistically, I dunno... > >On 8 Mar 2005, at 2.28 pm, B. Garcia wrote: > >> On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 22:16:59 +0100, Andreas Johansson <andjo@...> >> wrote: >>> Henrik > Khanrik [xanrik] > >>> Björn > yurun [jMrMn], or yuran [jMran] homophonuous to the word for >>> "troll". >>> Arthaey > Artay [artaj] >>> Angosii > Angusi [aNgMsi], if IIRC that 'ii' is [i:]. >>> Rachel > Rachar [ratSar] (or Raychar if Rachel = /rejtS-/ >>> Robert > Rubart [rMbart] >>> Roland > Rurand [rMrand] >>> Rudi > Rudi [rMdi] >>> Lisa > Risa [risa] >>> Stéphanie > Stifani ['stifani] >>> >> >> The above would become: >> >Henrik > Henrick /'henrik/ >Björn > Bjørn /'bj2rn/ >Arthaey > Arfe /'arfe/ >Angosii > Angosi /'angosi/ >Rachel > ?Regjsel ?/'re(:)tS@l/ ?Regjel ?/'re:dZ@l/ > --- depends on if I admit /tS/ as a phoneme >Robert > Robbert /'robb@rt/ or Råbbet /rQbb@t/ >Roland > Rolend /'ro:l@nd/ >Rudi/Rudy > Rudi /'ru:di/ >Lisa > Lisa /'li:sa/ >Stephanie > Stephani /'steffani/ >
In Xinkùtlan, there is no /f/, /v/ or /N/, and consonant clusters are illegal unless they are word-medial and follow the pattern (m,n,l)(C). So the names become: _hènrik_ /'hEn.ri:k/ _bùior_ or _bùion_ /'bUj.Or/ or /'bUj.On/ _arasèi_ /ar.a'sej/ _angùsi_ /an' _rèixal_ /'rej.tSal/ _ròbet_ /'ro:.bEt/ _ròlan_ /'ro:.lan/ _rùdi_ /'ru:.di:/ _lìsa_ /'lisa/ _cepàni_ /SE'
>>> Andreas Johansson would, I guess, become respectively: >> >> In Ayhan: Andreyas Yohanson /an'drejas jo'hanson/ > >Andreas Jaohansson /andre@s jQ:ns@n/ >(names ending in -sson still evoke the lowering of the stressed vowel, >usually dropped from the genitive in Old Føtisk). >
In Xinkùtlan: _andèis ùiansen_ /an'dejs 'Uj.a:n.sEn/
>>> Let's honour our old Lord of Instrumentality by doing "John Cowan" >>> too: >> >> Jan Kawan - /dZan kawan/ > >Assuming the American pronunciation ... > Gjæn Kahun /dZa:n ka:un/ >Or calquing the common & obvious name 'John' > Johan /jo:n/ >
In Xinkùtlan: _jon kàluen_ /Zon 'kal.wEn/ Vowel-diphthong combinations with the glide /j/ are used a lot (witness "Bjorn" above), but (V)(w)(V) combinations are vanishingly rare. There's no reason why not, but they're not a common feature, hence the /l/
>> My name is pretty simple: >> >> Bari Garsiya - /'bari gar'sija/ > >Barri Garsija /'barri 'garsija/ >
In Xinkùtlan: _bèri gasìra_ /'bE.ri: ga'si:.ra/ Ditto John Cowan, but the /r/ from Garcia instead of the default /l/.
>And of course mine own: > Tristan McLe /trist@n m@kle:/ >or maybe Tristan Læsson /trist@n la:s@n/ or maybe something different >entirely, I'm not sure how to borrow Mc-, really. (Of course, in my >name it doesn't *mean* anything, my father is named Bob, but it's the >thought that counts.)
In Xinkùtlan: _tirìsutan makalèi_ /tIr'i:s.U.ta:n ma.ka'lej/ And of course, Geoff Horswood, /dZEf 'hO:z.wUd/ in my pronunciation: _jip horusùd_ /ZIp hOr.Us'u:d/