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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 3:34
Many of these names have a traditional form in Jovian that
has undergone the Grand Master Plan, while more recent
phonetic imports are equally possible.

Henrik: Hendric ['hendriC]
    Yep, I'm afraid the Jervans would hear your [R] as an
    /r/ and treat it that way.  No Jervan would be caught
    dead pronouncing [nr] without an epenthetic [d].  So
    sue them.  :)
    It's probably even a rather common name in Jervaine;
    they like names in -ic, like Rodric ['ro:driC]
    "Roderick", Uoric ['u@riC] "Ulrich", Lubic ['lu:biC]
    "Ludwig" and Haeric/Hendric ['hajriC 'hendriC]
Björn: Biorne, [birn], Boerne [barn]
Arthaey: Arté [@r'te:], [,ar'te:]; Arteje [@r'te:j],
Angosii: Angosi [@N'go:zi] or Angossi [@N'gAssi], depending
    on the voicedness of the s.
Rachel: Traditionally Rahel [ra:l] and Raele [rajl].  From
    English: Retxel ['retS@l].
Robert: Traditionally Roverde [rA'vErd] and Rourde [rurd].
    From English: Rovver ['rAvv@r], very unconventional.
    Geminate v doesn't appear in actual Jovian.
Roland: Traditionally Rolande [rA'land] or Rolan ['ro:l@(n)].
Rudi: Ruodi ['ru@di] or Ruodul ['ru@d@l] as nicknames of
    Rudouve [ru'dowv].
Lisa: Lisa [li:z] or ['li:z@].  Proper names are the last
    bastion of pronounced final |a| in Jovian.  Sometimes
    it is even fully articulated as [a], but that has a
    definite air of snobbery.  As such, it is very popular
    among the aristocracy.
Stephanie: Tsevaena [tse'vajn].  You're lucky, the male
    version can get rather ugly: From Tsevane [tse'va:n]
    over Tseffan ['tseff@(n)] to the abominable Tseompfe
    [tsEmpf].  Tseffe/Tseffa are rather popular modern
    names on that basis.
Andreas Johansson: Traditionally André or (archaic-ish)
    Andreja.  Johansson would be pronounced ['jo:nts@] or
    maybe ['jo:n,tsAn] in analogy to the wildly popular
    first name Johan [jo:n].
John Cowen: Johan [jo:n], obviously.  There's also the
    variants Jandse [jandz] and Jondse [jAndz] from
    Johannes.  Cowen: Maybe Cauven ['kawv@].  Incidentally,
    I always thought you were pronounced /kow@n/.
Barry Garcia: Is that derived from Bernhard?  In that case,
    Bernarde [bEr'nard], the alteration Bendrade
    [ben'dra:d], Beorran ['bErr@(n)], or Benne [bEn] for
    short.  Garsija [g@r'si:] or even [gar'si:a] for the
Paul Bennett: Traditionally Paule [pawl].  Rather straight-
    forward, I'm afraid.  You can have people call you
    Pulloc ['pull@x] informally, though.  ;)  This doesn't
    make sense, but my father used to be called Pulock in
    school, so there.  :))

As for Christian, the straight Jovification would be
Cristsane [kriS'tsa:n] or Cristsan ['kriSts@(n)], which of
course is rather ugly.  Therefore, the actual development
is Crixane [kri'Sa:n], Crixan ['kriS@(n)] or just Crix
[kriS].  Thalmann can become Tauman ['tawm@] or maybe
Taumanne [taw'man].

-- Christian Thalmann


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