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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 21:02
On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 13:35:46 +0100, Carsten Becker
<naranoieati@...> wrote:

> > As for some of the currently active people from the list ... >
- Sally Caves: Sali Kebsa /'sali 'kebsa/ - Roger Mills: Rajar Milsa, Raja Mil /ra'dZar 'milsa/, /'radZa mil/ - Philip Newton: Pirip Nyutan /'pirip 'njutan/ - Teoh: Tyo /tjo/ - Jörg Rhiemeier: Yug Gimayyeg /jug gimaj'jeg/ - Christian Thalmann: Kristiyan Talman /kristi'jan talman/ - David Peterson: Deybid Pitarsan /'dejbid 'pitarsan/ - Benct Philip Jonsson: Beng Pirip Yonson /beN 'pirip 'jonson/ - Thomas Weir: Tamas Wiya /'tamas 'wija/ - Carsten Becker: Kasten Beka /'kasten 'beka/ - René Uittenbogaard: Rene Oytambogad /re'ne ojtam'bogad/ - Tristan McLeay: Tristan Makley /tri'stan mak'lej/ - Isaac Penzev: Isak Penseba /i'sak pen'seba/ - Steg Belsky: Steg Beski /steg 'beski/ I wasn't sure on all of the names, but I tried my best to get the best version of their pronunciations (for those who I was sure where they're from, expecially) that I could think of (René's last name was tricky). I've also tried to get the names closer to how I think they would really be pronounced in Ayhan (which isn't always as close as i've done here. In essence to "Ayhanize" them. A few which sound more "Ayhan" then I've included: Isak Penseba > Isak Pinsiba Steg Beski > Steg Besi Deybid Pitarsan > Deybid Pitasan Beng Pirip Yonson > Beng Pirip Yunsan Rene Oytambogad > Rene Oytamboga Kristiyan Talman > Krisyan Talman Kasten Beka > Kasen Beka\ Sali Kebsa > Sali Kes These are all esthetic considerations rather than phonetic. -- And they don't give the answers at the end of the test So you can't simply stand there and hope for the best So wake me up at the border when we reach Mexico I'll tell you a secret I don't even know... King of the Jailhouse - Aimee Mann