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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 22:14
Hmmm, seems like I left out a few.  No hurt feelings.  :P
More Jovianized names:

--- In, Carsten Becker <naranoieati@B...> wrote:

Carsten Becker: Carten ['kart@(n)], Casten ['kaSt@(n)] or even
    Cartsen ['karts@(n)] Beccer ['bekk@r]
Sally Caves: Saelli ['sElli] Ceves ['ke:vz]
Roger Mills: Traditionally Rodsé [rA'dze:] from French, or
    slightly weird phonetic Roddser ['] Milles ['milz]
Philip Newton: Traditional Filippe [fi'lip] or Flippe [flip]
    Nuton ['nu:tAn]
Teoh: Assuming it's really pronounced [to~:], it would end up
    as Ton [tAn].  That's how French [A~ O~] are treated in
Jörg Rhiemeier: Joerge [jarg] or Jerge [jErg] Rimaeher
David Peterson: Traditional Bide [bi:d], from English Deivid
    ['dejvi] + sandhi ;), Piortson ['pirtsAn] or Pitertson
    [pi'tErtsAn], Piter-Son ['pi:t@r sAn]
Benct Philip Jonsson: Traditionally Beondicte [bEn'diCt],
    presuming the name is derived from Benedict.  Philip: see
    above.  Jontson ['jAntsAn], Jone-Son ['jo:n sAn]
Thomas Weir: Traditional Towe [to:v] or Tomme [tAm], conser-
    vative Tommas ['tAmm@s].  From Carsten's post, I deduce
    that the surname pronounced /wE@(r)/, contrary to my
    intuition of /wI@(r)/, so Veore [ve@r] or Vere [ve:r].
René Uittenbogaard: Traditional René [re'ne:].  The surname
    is a tough one...  :P  Maybe Eitembogor [,eit@'bo:gAr]
    or Uetembogor [,y@t@'bo:gAr].
Tristan McLeay: Traditional (it's from classical literature,
    right?) Tristan ['triSt@(n)], shortened Trix [triS]
    (though I recall you don't like that form).  Probably
    rather a rare name anyway.  Triste is highly unlikely,
    since it means "sad".  McLeay: Macléi [m@'klej].
    Another one I'd mispronounce for sure if I didn't know
Isaac Pensev: Traditional Isac ['i:z@x] or Isox ['i:zAx].
    Unusual Pentsef ['pents@f], maybe Pentsen ['pents@].
Steg Belsky: What the heck kind of name is that anyway? ;)
    If it's a variant of Stephen, see last post.
    Otherwise, Tsege [tse:g] or maybe Tsec [tseC].  Then
    again, Jervans are capable to pronounce initial [St]
    thanks to German influence, so maybe Stec [SteC] is
    possible, albeit clearly foreign.  If you prefer [E],
    how about Tseoc [tsEx].  Belsky: Beosci ['bESki].

-- Christian Thalmann


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