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Re: Grammar - Can

From:Pipian <pipian@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 14:15
Isaac Penzev wrote:
> scott wrote: > > > >>I'm starting to translate the New McGuffey First Reader. I have >>a question about the word can. > > > Ho! McGuffey calls many questions on my side too. Sometimes I fail to > understand the precise meaning of short sentences.
When faced with this dilemma, I assume the simplest meaning is the correct one (in the case of "See the man!", the imperative one). This is a FIRST reader after all, so it's less likely that a kid is going to understand all possible readings until later when context is actually given. As for your running example, however, i guess you could always just write up two examples, with annotation illustrating the two different meanings. Pipian