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Re: forming sentences...

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 1, 2001, 21:21
I'm under the impression that the number of Finnish cases is 14 or 15; I
have a habit in my own work of streamlining to three or four cases (My
current projects, aside from dear isolating Sstt whose phonology is
undergoing an overhaul, are in the IE style with cases and wonderful
fusional inflection patterns)
I recently borrowed an idea from Boudewijn Rempt and named the cases of my
project Kîrri (which actually is a contraction of what it's called by the
speakers if another conlang) after theatrical terms - actor, audience, prop,
scene.  As I recall, it behaves actively, and there are occasionally verbs
with strange valency, like "trade", which takes two Actor arguments and a
Prop.  It's all quite strange.