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Introducing Bakoyu

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Monday, March 18, 2002, 14:19
<23 consonants b,p,v,f,th (as in THrough), z (sh), s,
g, k, ch (Quichua “j” or German “baCH”), d, t, j (as
in english Jack), c (english Chocolate), l, ll (Welsh,
I think) r (english) rr (Spanish) h, m, n, y (english
Yuck) and w (english Wagon).>

For linguishtic notation, that's z /S/, ch /x/, c /tS/, j /dZ/, ll /h^l/
or /h_l/, rolled r seems to be a series of alveolar taps, but I'm not
sure so I won't try, and y /j/. Final k is /?/ (the glottal stop; I'm not
uncertain about it).

<kpigl, zsemoth>

Looks like you have some unexpressed vowels in there. Kpigl wants to turn
to /k@pig@l/ (@=schwa) in my mouth, and zsemoth from /SsemoT/ to


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