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Re: Mentemente (was; Re: Negation?)

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Friday, July 9, 1999, 19:11
On Thu, 08 Jul 1999, Steg wrote:
> > Rokbeigalmki adverbs are formed with the attachment of > _elikuh-_ to the beginning of the root. I don't think i originally came > up with it that way, but _elikuh-_ seems to be connected to the > construction _ilu+ka'_, "all+like". > > ILU + KA' = > > _ilu:ka_ - "so much; such a" > > _i:luka:_ - "just like; the same as" > > _elikuh-_ - (adverb) > > So i guess the metaphor in Rokbeigalmki adverbs is "doing the action with > such _____likeness".
Either that or Rokbeigalm is a clever relex of "valley speak": "I was all, like, puh-lease!" :) Speaking of using "like" for adverbs, does anyone know if the dialectal English use of "-like" as in "friendly-like" to make the adverb of "friendly" come from OE -lice, or is it a recent innovation from the work "like?" -- Eric Christopherson