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CHAT: sch

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Friday, March 24, 2000, 16:22
>From: And Rosta <a.rosta@...> >>John Cowan: >> BTW, "Scyth" [sIT] is the people and "Scythia" [siTija] the nation. >> In general, "sc" before a front vowel is /s/ in English, although a >> few words have adopted a spelling pronunciation. One of the shibboleths >> is "schism", which is traditionally [sIzm] but now usually pronounced >> [skIzm] by people who have read it before they heard it. > >Surely this is not a spelling pronunciation. That would be /stSIzm/, surely, >which is not used. Rather, /sIzm/ has the authority of tradition, while >/skIzm/ has the authority of regularity. /SIzm/ is the one we ought to be >complaining about. Curiously, not many people say /@stSu:/ for _eschew_; >many say /@Su:/, presumably on the grounds that a funny looking word >can't possibly be pronounced the way it's spelt.
I don't usually pronounce "eschew" (I usually only see it on the Internet, in 'eschew obfuscation'...) but I would have given it with /sk/, with /stS/ as a second--but it would sound "weird" that way. Just /S/ there wouldn't sound right at all (my dictionary is yelling at me for that).
>Mind you, lots of funny stuff goes on with SC, doesn't it. As far as I >can see, _sceptic_ should be so spelt, and pronounced /septIk/. As >with <skeleton>, I spell it <skeptic>, so as to have an etymologically >irregular spelling mirror the pronunication and its etymological >irregularity/..
<skeptic> is the normal spelling here.
>> Sometimes /S/ is used instead, as in "schedule" /SEdjul/; in America this >> is /skEdZ@l/. > >I don't understand anything about this one. Why the <h>? Why /sk/? Why /S/?
I would guess because 'sce' and 'sci' in [my] English usually start with /s/ (visceral, scepter, science), while 'sca' 'sco' and 'scu' usually use /sk/ (scamp, scone, escutcheon). Using 'sch' instead of 'sc' for those shows you want /sk/ where it would be /s/ otherwise (schedule, schism). *Muke! -- ICQ: 1936556 AIM: MukeTurtle "No one's ever seen or heard anything like this, Never so much imagined anything quite like it-- What God has arranged for those who love him."