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A break in the evils of English (or, Sturnan is beautiful)

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 23, 2002, 22:13

Looking over Sturnan, I realize that it began mainly as a relex of
English, with some bits added from Spanish. But look at it now! It
resembles...well, nothing, as far as grammar goes, and PIE, as the
lexicon goes.

I changed the word order slightly using analogy; all modifiers precede
the base. I've added a bunch of weird things such as the interrogative
particle and three imperative particles*. There are five sets of
conjugations (past, present, today-future, future, aorist) rather than
six (the normal three with perfect aspect) or just three. I even have a
system of stacking particles.
*Ta is the basic imperative; sona is the polite imperative; elnas is the
suggestive imperative.

Example of some of the better bits of Sturnan:
Kwe ta im aroter a pela?
INT IMP I plough-1s.pst the field?

That's right. Interrogative with the imperative and the past tense. It
means "Do you wish that I had ploughed the field?"

But a flashy grammar isn't all. Just wait until you see some lexemes!

Valon /va(:) lon/ soldier (not inspired by R. Jordan)
Kaidha /kaj Da/ hello
Sekalge /se kal ge/ he said
Vengei /veN gE/ to walk, to go
Dakurei /da ku rE/ to cry
Peresko /pe res ko/ oak tree
Kamhel /kam hel/ tired
Kerosei /ke ro sE/ to worship

Now comes the time when you slice my pride to little slices with scathing
and HELPFUL criticism.

Sona lu tiros hinul (bing on).
A kina gith Sturnan,
Chris Wright


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