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The starlings song (Glasca version)

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 23, 2002, 0:57
Hi all,

I'm surprised that I had to do so much vocabulary for this. I didn't
even have a word for bird!

I really like my new orthography for Glasca. I'm including first, the
new orthography and then the same poem in the old orthography so that
you guys can see the difference.  :)

 (new orthog.)
   "Ou Chquiave"
Egaidtierre ou chquiave pa.
Ciou tuidhe ou osque chefobe.
Ciou andhe ou sliath daue rande souplo.
Ciou rinntanst gl'aina?

(old orthog.)
    "Oo Xkiuv"
Egaedtir oo xkiuv pa.
Coo twidh oo osk xefobe.
Coo audh oo sliath daw rand sooplo.
Coo rintanst gl'aena?


Ou- Definite article
Chquiave- Starling song
egaidtir- about hero's actions. Eg-about or concerning, aidtir- the
actions of heros.
pa - speaks
Ciou - in the (ciou-in, ou-the)
tuidhe - rainy morning ( tu - rainy, idhe - morning)
osque - heron
chefobe - itself cleans. (che - it, fo - self, be - cleans)
andhe - night
sliath - little lark (slia - lark, th - small, little)
daue - to the (da - to, ou-the)
rande - stars (-r- plural, ande - star)
souplo - prays
rinntanst - birds heart (-r- plural, innt - bird, anst - heart)
gl'aina - who really sees? (gl' from gle - who, ai from aidh - really
trully, na sees).

what do you all think?



Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>