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Re: A couple questions.

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Friday, February 18, 2000, 22:19
Danny Wier wrote:
>>From: Matt Pearson > >>Examining the 1996 edition of the IPA chart, I see no symbol for a lateral >>nasal (and the symbol you describe is not there either). So I guess > >I think that symbol was in the 194? revision of IPA; indeed it is no longer >used.
Danny, the symbol you describe was withdrawn from the IPA much earlier than 1994. In fact, it was withdrawn way back in 1976. It represented a 'syllabic nasal' (POA not specified). I guess it was used to represent the syllabic /N/ in Japanese. -----<snip>-----
> >Ouch! I didn't think about FOUR different phonetic situations! Really, >what I meant was this analogy: [nl?] is to [dl] what [n] is to [d]? (2) is >most what I was looking for, a laterally-released [n].
I think you answered your own question: [nl]. But if by lateral release you mean SAMPA [d_l], then the nasal analogy would be [n_l]. That is, a <n> with a superscript <l>. If you want to be really detailed, I suppose you'd have to use a tilde over the superscript <l>, e.g., [n_l~]. -kristian- 8)