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Newbie...intro to my conlang

From:Beau Didler <danlefrancais@...>
Date:Thursday, December 11, 2003, 3:35
Hi, I've been lurking for about a month or so, and many of you already know
me as the master mapmaker of conculture, so I don't need to go into to much
info, but I'm working on a couple conlangs, and I would like to introduce
one and get help on another.  (and learn another linguistic thing that I
didn't get to by 300 level classes)

I'm working on a conlang for a fantasy novel that is kind of a mix...the
grammar end isn't really nailed down anywhere, but the phonetics is sound
(at least), though the pairings of them sometimes sound Russian,
polynesian, french, spanish or other.  Working on that...I'll try and see
about posting the info to the board here.

I'm wanting to create a creole conlang out of at least English and
French/Narbonosc, if not Kerno/Brithenig as well, and I'm at a loss,
because I hadn't gone to much into creoles, so I only know that the sub-
strata language works to become like the superstratum, which in this case
is English and French\Narbonosc, respectively.  I imagine there will be
heavy borrowing from Kerno/Brithening and any other languages in my IB
Lousianne.  Any help and discussion about this would be helpful.

Finally, my question...Can anyone explain an approximant?  I know the
standard terminology of fricative, affricate, stop, plosive...etc. and I've
never run across that until recently.

While I'm at it, can anyone explain how to vocalize the symbol that looks
like an m-engma?  Thanks!

Beau Didler


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