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Religion-Names in Conlangs. Or At Least in Mine. :)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, December 24, 1998, 5:19
I've started thinking about religion names in Rokbeigalmki, and so far i
only have one:

yih.huda-tzat  /jI hu da tsat/  = judaism
yih.hudaki  /jI hu da ki/  = jew

For obvious reasons, that's the only one i have so far.
I'm trying to base the names as closely as possible on the religion's own
name for themselves, just like i (and many other people here) try to do
with country-names.
So, could someone help me with some others?

christianity:  how was "christ" pronounced in ancient greek?

islam:  which do people think, should i derive regularly "muslim" from
"islam", as _isla:m-tzat_ and _isla:mki_, or adopt the word "muslim" in
some form?
(the ":" represent a rising-accent over the previous vowel)

buddhism:  how do you pronounce "buddha" in it's original language?  do
buddhists call themselves the equivalent of "buddh-ists" in the original
language? is there an original language of buddhism?  (you can see i
don't know that much about buddhism)

hinduism:  pretty much the same questions as about buddhism

shinto:  (same)

wicca:  is it pronounced  /'wI k@/  ?

Sorry if i forgot someone, this is the beginning of very long
figuring-out stuff.

-Stephen (Steg)
 _thiyadhm-a tza'ilu ^amilei^amal-a uhmzoi-tein kouk ta'ilmal-a

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