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Religious Festivities

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Thursday, December 24, 1998, 5:27
After a discution on NGL list, it seams we have a problem deciding if usi=
ng one
word for Christian Easter and Jewish Passover would offend anybody.  Even=
English has two words, many other languages have only one and it seams to=
 me it
doesn't harm neither Jews nor Christians having Pascua at the same time.

Well.  I know there are two main festivities in Western Christian traditi=
Christmas and Easter.  Around Christmas there is Advient, Epifany and oth=
festivities of greather or lessen importance in different places.  Easter=

related festivities begin with Carnivals and Ash Wensday and finnish in
Pentacost.  Allother Christian festivities are associated to the date of =
a Saint
and would vary.

=46rom Jewish tradition I know about Hanuka and Passover.

And I know Muslims have Ramadan.

I know nothing else about other natreligions.

For my conreligions I'm still working in two projects: Fyrismonlaryn are =
and I haven't decipher their religion, if any one, yet.

Hangkerim are humans in an alternative history.  It seams in their believ=
es they
recognize some "masters" with share characters similar to Jesus, Zoroastr=
or Buda, but I can't be sure if it is coincidence or if their history spl=
from ours after these characters lived.

Hangkerim have one month of Holidays from the last New Moon of the year t=
o the
first New Moon, and the year beguins with an equinox.  They live in tropi=
countries thus they have no winter-summer. The chosen equinox is Northern=

hemisphere autum equinox.  After Hangkerim is a secular society, most
Hangkerimians have forgotten the Religious origin of the holidays, but th=
conmemorate somethink like Creation and Passover.  The full moon represen=
ts the
Creation of man and the year shift is the liberation of the people.  This=
is called Kuramung

Kingdom of Kurimpe (one of the three Hangkerim countries) national holida=
y is
three days after the Year Shift, thus it usually falls into Kuramung.  Ki=
of Jemanha recognize three national holidays, non of them in Kuramung.  R=
of Daluram has two national days: Kurera whish falls seven days before ye=
shift, and Roming wich is in the "Spring" Equinox.

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