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the fourth text ever in Asiteya (including the t-shirt phrase)

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 5:11
Oh, how I waste time.
Well, here it is folks. Only the fourth (or fifth?) text ever in Asiteya.
Ah, the artlang, last refuge of the mediocre poet.

bana o pun o yaimakat a b@n conj. can conj. say.a.prayer I benefactive

in wa ban ga a
it topic not me

yi isi wa, nyeifilememi lorasu
but voc-you topic, origin-agent-my beloved

banis o pun ihe conj. can too

in wa ei ga si
it topic very you

ta a, wa banin sy@deibase la yaimakat
to me, topic claim that say.a.prayer

yi yaimakatemi sa syackan osekami hu
but act.of.praying-my agent unsticks guilt-my accusative

osekami wa iyisirenale pealumi
guilt-my topic the-culmination innocence-my

ingitata, na inya wa osekebasemi taibiktasemi b@n
the-action, that it.resumptive topic penance-my guilt-my benefactive

I cannot say this prayer
it is not close to me
but you, my beloved archetype
you cannot either.
it is too close to you
I have no claim on saying this prayer
but my saying it unsticks my guilt
my guilt, the culmination of my innocence
this act, let it be my penance for my ignorance.

Probably part of a ritual, though I don't know the details. Actually, it
came to me as we were saying the pledge of allegience at assembly today, at
eleven o'clock. We never do that. Eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh
hour... Go figure.

Jennifer Barefoot,
who should have called it grandfather today, but sometimes it's just too
creepy. (He still has the fatigues with the giant hole in them.)

good night.

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