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Re: "Yoon" "weird" xi ~ (was Re: Tasratal: sketch: connectives

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Sunday, October 28, 2001, 13:44
Re "stranger"
In Norwich (E.England, very close to the continent - I can remember church
services being held in Flemish!) we have a 15th-century Merchants' House
called Strangers' Hall. The strangers here were Flemish weavers who settled
here in the 2 or 3 centuries up to that period. Stranger in this case
clearly means 'foreigner' and I suppose the upshot is that all foreigners
are strangers, though there's no element of malice present. A bit similar to
"Welsh" (wealh) in Anglo-Saxon, meaning 'not one of our lot' - not
necessarily Cymric, witness walnut = welsh (Italian) nut.
On the subject of strangers again, I vividly remember a TV series many years
ago called 'The Stranger'. The plot is irrelevant, but basically it was an
'aliens investiage Earth' kids sci-fi thing. There were several original
things about it: not only were the aliens cultured and pleasant, but their
leader was a woman! And, best of all, they spoke their own language! It was
written by an Australian called G.K.Saunders, and the language (called I
believe 'Soshunite') had clearly been worked out, as opposed to being a
torrent of garbage. Anyone else remember it?
Mike Poxon
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> John Cowan wrote: > > Of course "stranger" in English always means someone who is unknown > > And specifically adult. A child can never be considered a stranger, at > least, not in my dialect. Of course, this probably comes from the > parental warning "Never talk to strangers", where they specifically mean > "grown-ups you don't know" > > -- > "No just cause can be advanced by terror" > ICQ: 18656696 > AIM Screen-Name: NikTaylor42


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