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Re: Conlang names?

Date:Friday, November 9, 2007, 16:12
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> What about names in your conlang? Have you made lists? How did you > derive the names. >
Names in Saweli are simply borrowed intact in whatever natlang form they occur. E.g., France is simply "mo{French}sa", where "mo-" is the classifier for specific, named countries or regions; "-s" is the part-of-speech marker for (closed) nouns, and "-a" marks the word as a name. "French" could as easily have been "français" or "France", but its value is not important at the moment. Saweli also has a more general solution to names by delimiting name words from surrounding text with the words "zuza" and "zufes", which work exactly like the Latejami equivalents they were derived form (see below). Names in Latejami take two forms. One is to use delimiters (lajopaw and xijopi) to separate the name from surrounding text. The other, more specific way is to add prefix "La-" to an appropriate-sounding modifier which hints at the original name, and then an appropriate classifier and part-of-speech marker. Here are all the current nouns of the second type in Latejami: Lafizebivi - Nile [the river]. [Etym: proper noun + AFRICA + RIVER] Larikitisi - Arctic, the north polar region of Earth. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + other natural location] Lafibitisi - Africa. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + CONTINENT] Larozyabitisi - Eurasia. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + CONTINENT] Lazyabitisi - Asia. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + CONTINENT] Larobitisi - Europe. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + CONTINENT] Lababitisi - North America. [Etym: proper noun + NORTH + CONTINENT] Ladibitisi - South America. [Etym: proper noun + SOUTH + CONTINENT] Lakawbitisi - Australia. [Etym: proper noun + KANGAROO + CONTINENT] Lacinbitisi - Antarctica. [Etym: proper noun + SNOW + CONTINENT] Laxejotisi - Venus, the planet Venus. [Etym: proper noun + two + PLANET] Lacojotisi - Mars, the planet Mars. [Etym: proper noun + four + PLANET] Lazajotisi - Saturn, the planet Saturn. [Etym: proper noun + six + PLANET] Labajotisi - Mercury, the planet Mercury. [Etym: proper noun + one/unity/harmony/child/offspring + PLANET] Ladijotisi - Earth, the planet Earth. [Etym: proper noun + three + PLANET] Latujotisi - Jupiter, the planet Jupiter. [Etym: proper noun + five + PLANET] Latayjotisi - Uranus, the planet Uranus. [Etym: proper noun + seven + PLANET] Lakojotisi - Pluto, the planet Pluto. [Etym: proper noun + nine + PLANET] Lafijotisi - Neptune, the planet Neptune. [Etym: proper noun + eight + PLANET] Labatisi - the moon, Luna, Earth's moon. [Etym: proper noun + MOON/SATELLITE] Larandugi - France. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + political area] Larandugono - French [attributive]. Use "Larandugoni" to refer to French people or things. Lajonbegi - John. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + group member] Laryabegi - Mary. [Etym: proper noun + sound mnemonic + group member] Laxujami - Internet. [Etym: proper noun + NETWORK] Latejami - the name of the interlingua. [Etym: proper noun + LANGUAGE] Lajopaw - proper expression start. "Lajopaw" is used along with the complete parenthetical expression stop "xijopi" to delimit an expression which is a proper name. If more than one expression occurs in sequence, then the conjunction "byetesye" should appear between expressions. stevo </HTML>


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