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Re: Conlang names?

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Saturday, November 10, 2007, 14:58
--- Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> wrote:

> What about names in your conlang? Have you made > lists? How did you > derive the names.
Franj, being derived both from Old French and from a (mostly Qypchak) Turkic source, has names derived from both French and Turkic traditional names, plus a good smattering of Arabic, Syriac, Greek and Hebrew names. They've all been run through the slightly unsystematic sound-change procedure I started to use before I really knew how to go about doing sound changes properly (and got far enough that it's _way_ too late to go back and revise!). In some cases, this has resulted in things like |Petir|, |Pedir|, |Peires|, |Perrù|, |Petrù| and |Petàr| all being in use. Franj usually have three names, and they work a bit like Russian names. You have your given name, chosen at birth by the parents (or occasionally by your grandparents), you have a patronymic (for boys) or matronymic (for girls), and you have your family name. Patronymics are created by adding |ul| /Ul/ or |ùl| /Yz/ (depending on vowel harmony) to the front of the father's name, and matronymics by adding |uz| /Uz/ or |ùz| /Yz/ to the mother's name. So you might get something like |Nùràlei ulAwulon Alpont| /'Nyr.&"lej Ul'a.gwUl"O~n al'pO~nt/. Of course, Nùràlei can be a girl's name, too. Geoff ===== Lost in thought - please send out search party ___________________________________________________________ Want ideas for reducing your carbon footprint? Visit Yahoo! For Good