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Re: Conlang names?

Date:Saturday, November 10, 2007, 9:27
In a message dated 11/10/2007 3:17:47 AM Central Standard Time, 

> > Names in Saweli are simply borrowed intact in whatever natlang form they > > occur. E.g., France is simply "mo{French}sa", where "mo-" is the > classifier for > > specific, named countries or regions; "-s" is the part-of-speech marker > for > > (closed) nouns, and "-a" marks the word as a name. "French" could as > easily have > > been "français" or "France", but its value is not important at the moment. > > > Why not? At least _français+ or _France_ are French. Why is it the > _English_ form that is borrowed? Or is any natlang form? Could France, > e.g. be "mo{Francia}sa", "mo{Frankreich}sa", "ma{Gallia}sa" etc.? >
The form of the name is unimportant precisely because it can be anything, including all that you mentioned. I don't have a reasonable way to decide what the name should be in Saweli other than to choose ease for my own use. That means English. I could use the native for all the countries, but I only have a couple of countries named so far, and what about multi-language areas, such as Africa? No, for now I will use English. At least this way I'm reminded by the English that I don't have a real equivalent for such words yet. I could also make several variants to be complete equivalent, so that mo{French}sa = mo{französisch}sa = mo{francuzskij}sa = ... And in fact, such variants are already equal, just not realized. Unless you happen to know of a way to characterize the countries of the world using only the Saweli modifiers? stevo </HTML>


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