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Re: medieval Latin translation help needed

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 7:04
Hanuman Zhang wrote:
> I would like to know if any one can/would have a translation of the > following:
> O Fortuna
O Fate,
> velut luna
like the moon
> statu variabilis,
changeable in state,
> semper crescis
you are always waxing
> aut decrescis;
and waning;
> vita detestabilis
hateful life
> nunc obdurat
is at one moment hard
> et tunc curat
and the next moment watches over
> ludo mentis aciem,
the mind's sharpness in gambling;
> egestatem,
poverty [direct object]
> potestatem
(and) power [DO}
> dissolvit ut glaciem.
it melts like ice.
> Sors immanis
Luck, monstrous
> et inanis,
and empty,
> rota tu volubilis,
you whirling wheel,
> status malus,
evil state,
> vana salus
vain salvation
> semper dissolubilis,
(which is) always dissolvable,
> obumbrata
> et velata
and veiled
> michi quoque niteris;
you harass me also;
> nunc per ludum
now because of gambling
> dorsum nudum
(my) naked back [direct object]
> fero tui sceleris.
I bring to your villainy.
> Sors salutis
The luck of heath
> et virtutis
and of strength
> michi nunc contraria,
(which is) now against me,
> est affectus
is troubled
> et defectus
and ruined
> semper in angaria.
always in (your) service. [The poet now address his listeners - 2nd pers. plural]
> Hac in hora
In this hour
> sine mora
without delay
> corde pulsum tangite;
strike the strumming of the string;
> quod per sortem
for that which by chance
> sternit fortem,
lays a strong man low,
> mecum omnes plangite!
you all weep with me!
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