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Fluency wishlist

From:callanish <callanish@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 20:11
Hi everybody,

I was looking back over the messages of the last few weeks and saw that there
were some folks who posted their "fluency wishlists" of natlangs and
conlangs. So I thought I'd offer mine to the wishlist pot...

1. Gaelic -- because it's an interesting language, it was spoken in my
father's family a few generations ago, and I worked really hard for 4 years
to get a degree in it! This is also the only language on my list I already
have some fluency in :(
2. Maltese -- looks fabulous, sounds nice, interesting grammar, love the
Semitic-Romance mixture.
3. Hungarian -- again, looks nice, sounds lovely, and the grammar is
4. Amharic -- interesting sound (with all the ejectives and geminate
consonants), interesting and very complex grammar, and it has one of the
coolest writing systems on Earth.
5. Rumantsch -- the neatest, coolest, awesomest Romance language in the
world, bar none.

1. Rozhendi -- because it's supposed to be my personal ideal language, though
I have a lot of work to do on it before it gets there.
2. Talossan -- because I'm a Talossan, and because it looks so cool, has a
nice sound, has an interesting and expressive lexicon, and it's an all-around
really great language.
3. Jameld -- because it looks so cool and has such a nice feel to it
4. Occidental -- my all-time favorite of the "naturalistic" group of IALs
5. Volapük -- it doesn't seem to work so well as a spoken language, but it
looks marvellous, has wonderful and quirky words, and is simply one of the
coolest languages ever invented.

Well, them's my picks (Now what does this list say about me? Hmmmm...)


Thomas Leigh