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Re: Hebrew spelling

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, September 12, 2004, 18:56
On Sep 12, 2004, at 9:14 PM, David H wrote:
> Thanks! Sorry for all these questions, but I have another few...the > word "and" is "ve" I believe, but I've heard it pronounced "u" quite a > few > times...are there any rules governing which I should use? Also, the > same > for the word "le" meaning "to" (in front of nouns, not verbs), I've > heard > it pronounced "li" infront of a few nouns, for example "li-r'khov" (to > the > street). > Thanks
Okay, let's see... "and" /v@/ is pronounced [u] if: 1. it's followed by another labial consonant: /b/, /p/, /m/, or /v/ or 2. it's followed by a consonant + /@/ (schwa/sheva') So for instance: /v@/ + /vilon/ = [uvilon] "and a curtain" /v@/ + /r@Hob/ = [ur@Hov] "and a street" /l@/ turns into [li] under situation #2 above, hence _lirehhov_ "to a street". -Stephen (Steg) "they were all in love with dying they were drinking from a fountain that was pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain" ~ 'pepper' by butthole surfers