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Re: Regimonti Babel Text

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 5, 2006, 12:27

Scotto Hlad writes:
> Hi Henrik, > Thanks for the kind words. There is a recording at the bottom of the page if > you scroll down. > I wish I could give you formal rules on shound shift rules etc, but I can't. > I have no formal training in linguistics. The best I can say is that early > on I wanted to avoid some of the nasal sounds so I started by adding an -e- > between n & g. How did [r`] arise? I like the sound. So much of what I do in > any project is simply for the sake of aesthetics.
Ah, so it is designed a bit like my Da Mätz se Basa. I have some vague goals, but the sound shift rules have not yet been -- erm -- completely discovered. :-P It will not be too easy or very regular since it is a creole. Will listen to the MP3 later -- I don't want to bother my colleague now... I promise to add some MP3s to my Þrjótrunn page. I'd love to find an L1 Icelandic speaker for reading the texts, maybe I will find someone at university. Probably he/she will be utterly confused by that language essentially consisting of false friends.
> (Late for work, I didn'thave time to translate this response into Regimonti)
Never mind, I would probably have read it in English, anyway. :-) **Henrik