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Space Cases

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Sunday, July 11, 1999, 3:53
Boudjewin Rempt's post of his case file gives me a chance to check out
NGL space cases :) below. In fact I never thought much about space grammar
being case-based. Anyway, thanks very much B., for sharing your file. I
had to caulk some unnoticed leaks in the grammar to express the cases
listed. Of course my brand of NGL is isolating and these are really
just equivalents of inflections. Some of them could easily be tacked
onto a verb though. With the profusion of cases, it's pretty clear to me
why things have moved up in front of the verb.

Locative cases
Short explanation of VXT:

"dis" means displaced-to and it needs completion with a direction or
adverb: disi means displaced to the right, located right, is_right.
The NGL letters i, ju, ke are right, forward, up, with reference to the
speaker. Label the thumb i, the forefinger j, and the middle k, and you
have it. In-i, inju, inke, are the opposite directions.
"pas" means moving on a path.

The "s" stands for "Space" and it can be elided when followed by a
consonant. disinke (dinke)  means downward relative to the speaker.

1. locative:     place, destination at a certain point, point in time:

VST           "-ka","place of the/place where",,

                diska---> dika

                Bjornlie, bjorndika
                dika bjorn.
                place where bears are.

VTT (time)      Mu ga "point"  "Now" is equal to 6:40pm.
                Mug 6:41.  Now it's 6:41.

2. possessive locative: place, destination belonging to a certain area

VST             Waut Jerry, or Jerryut.
                waut, -ut   Jerry's house, Chez Jerry.

                itm -ut
                def place of N

3. inessive:     in(side)

VST             nen::-inside

4. adessive:    at
VST             kin::-  coincident with

5. superessive:  above

VST             keor::- above origin X.
                ke means upward, or means origin.

6. subessive:   below

VST             inkeor

7.ablative:     going from, 'from', 'via' (spatial & figurative), 'by
                means of which', 'from the exterior of'

VST            liv "leave"
               pasliv leave on path
               paslivinir moving from outside of
               palivinir (short form)
               paslivnir moving from inside of

8. allative:   going towards, 'up to', 'up as far as', 'until', towards
               the exterior of

VST            pastor, going towards    tor::-towards
               pator    (short form)
               pasdej, going to the edge of
               disdej, at the edge of
               pastorpin, going  towards the exterior of.

Case?          dispin, on the skin/exterior of,
               paspin, moving on the exterior of, (flywalk).

9. illative:     going into

VST              paspir (penetrating)

10. similirative: similarity
VST non spacial
11. sociative:    coordinates arguments ('and'), comitative
VST non spacial
12. comitative:   belonging together, 'with', accompaniment, coordinates
VST nonspacial    nominal arguments: 'and' (usual animate referents)

13. elative:      starting point of a movement, point in time after which
              something takes place, startpoint of a comparison, 'out of',
              'from the interior of'

VXT           ja be::- "adjacent to the beginning of an event-vector"
              jab contraction

              paslivornen::- moving away from an interior origin outward.
              Nen::- inside.
              Or::-space coordinates origin.
              The computer palivornen the box works. ??

14. mediative:    means or route by which an event takes place
VST nonspacial?
15. ornative:     endowed with, equipped with, outfitted with
VST nonspacial

16. intrative:    'between, in between'

VST              disnet; located in between
                 pasnet::- moving between
                 vesnet::-accelerating between
                 Xa pa vesnet kori iwo.
                 She speeding up ran between them.

17. perlative:   path (same as mediative?), through, along

VST              paspir::- moving through

                 paspar::- moving alongside
18. superlative:  to the top of

VST               diskinkepo::- displaced coincident to the point of the
                  "ke" or "up" vector. dis+kin+ke+po.
                  USA women's soccer this pm.:)
                  pakinkepo::- moving to coincidence to the end of
                  the up vector. Moving to the top of ...
                  to the bottom of
                  dikininkepo::- displaced coincident to the point of
                  the -k, inke, downpointing, vector.
                  Interesting that these are the same sylable counts as

19. translative:  through
VST              pir again. moving past?

20. partitive:    from, source
VST               or::- with or from origin.