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Uinlitska noises and squiggles

From:Paul Bennett <paul.w.bennett@...>
Date:Monday, April 21, 2008, 8:26
I'm going through another stage of faffing about with Uinlitska.


In: /k_w/, /g_w/, /x_w/, /N_w/, /N/, /b/, /d/, /g/

Out: /h/, /z/, [N], [C], /tS/

The system is now:

p ?p b     t ?t d        k ?k g   k_w ?k_w g_w   ?
m          n             N        N_w
f       T  s       S  K  x        x_w
                    j  l           w


In: /2/, /:/

Out: /i:/, /e:/, /@:/, /o:/, /A:/, /i~/, /@~/, /A~/

The system is now:

   e 2       o
    E   @   O

Any vowel may be long or short, and nasality is now firmly allophonic
(though it's an allophone of the nasal consonants, not actually of the

/E/ and /O/ *might* fall down to /a/ and /Q/ if I can't shake that urge.
/O/ may drag down /o/ down to take its place.


'h' now means /x/ instead of /h/
{overdot} has replaced doubling to mean /?/-before, i.e. {k-overdot} is
/?k/, {p-overdot} is /?p/
{h-overdot} is now used instead of {mid dot} for a word-initial glottal
stop before a vowel
{mid dot} remains the symbol for an intervocalic or word-final glottal stop
'v' or 'u' both mean /_w/ ('u' still also means /w/, and still means a /w/
vocalized as an /o/)
{gamma} means /N/
{yogh} or 'x' may stand in for 'g' if a 'g'-like {gamma} is being used
'b', 'd', 'g' now mean /b/, /d/, /g/ (the latter instead of meaning
borrowed /N/)
A set of scribal/tironian-style abbreviations are coming, mostly imported
phonetically and/or ideographically from Latin, plus a few invented


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