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Re: Non-stereotypical elves was Re: Quick Intro

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, February 21, 2003, 2:32
Well since I have a conculture with "elves", I better throw my iron in this

The Techians, which are called "elves" because of their slight appearance and
their exceptional intelligence and longevity, look like Tolkien's Elves in most
ways, except they don't have pointy ears, just large ones. The Techians are
actually more like the Biblical Nephilim or Anakim, being half human and half
angel or god, but hardly giants as we might think; just tall, slender and sleek.
The legendary Nimrod, who ruled the world from Babel, could've been either a
Techian or a speaker of the Tech language, which is perhaps the language from
which Sumerian, Semitic, Indo-European and many other languages descended.

These elflike beings are not all peaceful and good either. They're descendents
of fallen angels or djinn, remember. They've come to cause mischief among the
humans, those other than the few who want to conquer the earth. Their
relationship with humans is like a typical relationship between cats and dogs.
The reason they live in high-altitude forests is because they have to hide from
human settlement to survive, while they plan their next scheme.

But in my conworld, the humans aren't much better. It's a 21st-22nd century

What the "Elves" want to do to humans, the humans already did to the savage yet
strangely innocent Trolls (formerly Orcs, another Tolkienian convenience term),
which are Neanderthal clones. Or some type of primitive human with great
strength and weak mind.

Also, I've rejoined [conculture] since I'm finding myself going that route a lot
lately. So far, I have three concultures: Techians (Elves), Trolls and Dragons.
I've done very little work on the last.


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