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Re: Non-stereotypical elves was Re: Quick Intro

From:kendra <kendra@...>
Date:Friday, February 21, 2003, 1:34
> I dislike the typical versions of elves (i like Tolkien's though, but only > his). One thing i've noticed is the "hippie happy light and love elves". > Which was nice seeing tolkien's elves kick ass.
Hooray for asskicking! Yeah, what IS up with the hippieness? Did that come from somewhere else or is it just because of the pretty forests? I have not-elves in my comic but I CAN'T stop calling themelves (they have pointy ears because I inventedt hem when I was 12, but they also had antennae then. [slightly on-topic, list-wise, they're called Onda, which is short for Ondafalazm, which is a REALLY STUPID WORD. but it stuck. Wow, I like parentheses.]) The only solution is to steal their thesaurus and force them to make up a new word. Why ARE they all elves, anyway? I like how I never post anything conlang related. Maybe someday, when I'm not ashamed of my complete lack of knowledge. :\ -Kendra "We que sont toilette..." - Amy's shining moment in French poetry writing