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New Book out: Fictional and Fantastic Languages

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, December 10, 2006, 18:07
Dear Conlangers, and also Alicia Chang:

I have recently purchased an expensive, just released encyclopedia by Tim
Conley and Stephen Cain, _Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages_
(Westport CT, London: Greenwood Press, 2006).  It has a foreword by Ursula
K. Le Guin, author as you know of "Kesh" (and she talks about it).  It tends
to stress languages that are print published, like Klingon, but it has a
preface by the authors in which they acknowledge CONLANG.

To my great pleasure, I found that "Sally Cave's Teonacht" [sic] was
mentioned, along with Talossan, Tokana and Alphistian in the notes to the
preface (p. xxv).  The authors regretted that they could not include the
phenomenon of CONLANG although it deserves, they said, sociological
examination.  I have a chapter in my book on Hildegard (at press) that does
just that, but I suggest to Sai that we get started fairly soon on that book
he has been planning on a discussion of CONLANG.  I have said I would
contribute to that. Perhaps Alicia would like to as well.

Damn that they mispelled my conlang's name!  But I guess the "th" reversal
to "ht" is a tad confusing!  But this is all good news.  We are getting some

Will answer Alicia's questions shortly.


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> Alicia - > > I suggest you post your questions here, so that people can reply > on-list, rather than asking folk to email you (which adds another few > steps). > > Also, I think we'd all like to know what your sociolinguistics project > is about... > > - Sai > > On 11/29/06, Alicia Chang <alchang@...> wrote: >> 'ello... >> I am currently a student at UCBerkeley and am working on a >> sociolinguistics project about fantasy languages and the people who speak >> it. Additionally, I would like to expand my project by talking to people >> who have actually created their own languages. If you are willing to >> answer >> a few questions, if you could just send me an email. Thanks. Alicia >> >


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