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Proverb help!

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, September 1, 2002, 19:40

I was looking through some old notes and found a Kerno
proverb with no translation. I know all the words, but
it beats the wahoony out of me what it means, so I'd
like to hear some suggestions!

It's: "siner lê brocke amb li billen", which literally
means "to stretch the badger around a tree". Badgers
figure prominently in Kerno proverbs (to be surprised
= to be dunked in a barrel with a cat and a badger; to
get the wrong idea = tickle the badger with your toes)
but I'm at a loss as to what this one is all about.


il dunar-li c' argeont ayn politig;
     celist il pozponer le mbutheor ayn backun gras.

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