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Re: YANPT (was: Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.3 (repost #1))

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 10:19
Den 14. sep. 2006 kl. 08.54 skrev Benct Philip Jonsson:
> > (And yes, I recommended the guy to use [S] for _sj_ etc. and > [tS] for _tj/kj/k{front vowel}_ when speaking Swedish. Would > have been cruel otherwise! :-)
Well, in Norwegian your proposed [tS] is actually an unvoiced version of the fricative j, of which the closest English phoneme is the y of yellow. Only some western dialects have an initial t, I think. So I would prefer another symbol. The direction is always in the direction of the loss of this phoneme in favour of your [S]. But I don't believe it will disappear even from southeast Norwegian (which is the only affected area as far as I can see), because the ones who can't pronounce it are mostly kids, and they learn it when they grow up, it's not hard to learn. And because it sounds childish when they can't pronounce it, there is some incentive to learn it as well. Greetings, LEF