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Re: CHAT: More OT stuff on Linux... the Cool OS (Re: Re: CHAT: Re: Summary, web based mailinglist archives

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 27, 1999, 17:51
Jay Bowks wrote:

> I dual boot... actually quintuple boot :-) thanks to the System > Commander shell... thank you very much, lilo... too and it > co-exists with NT... Planning on trying out the new Release > Candidate 2 that just came out... and setting time aside to > re do the machine once Microsoft makes a mess of things > so if I'm missing from Conlang for a while you'll know why :-)))
Yes, multi-OS is the way to go. One bit from painful experience: If you will dual-boot from just one disk, install Micro$soft first and tell it to take only the first half and never touch the other part. Then install Linux in the second part. NT or win9x, its the same thing. But better/safer to have a separate disk-drive for each. Just IMO.