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Back! (kinda)

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Date:Monday, December 20, 1999, 20:45
A hearty "Howdy Y'all" to let everyone know
that I'm now fairly well settled in the (not very deep) South of the USA, and --
thusfar -- I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Appologies for line width, seems to
have a 48-character wide entry area, for some
wierd reason. Also, Netscape seems to destroy newlines that occur at automatic
line-wraps. I have no idea what this will do to the final product, so here's

I've been reading the list (in eGroup digests) fairly faithfully while I've been
away, and I just thought I'd add an AFMCL/Me Too combination reply to the
recent discussions about both directions and articles, as it doesn't look like
the post I made from eGroups got through.


Wenetaic marks verbs and nouns with particles showing these things: (in summary)

1) A pronominal infix showing what the direction / location (etc) is relative to.
2) A locational infix showing how far away from the aforementioned object the direction is.
3) A case infix showing the nature of the direction, eg movement towards or placement at.

(2) also includes things like observability and reachability as well as simple distance.

(3) also includes tense markers and a bunch of other stuff (eg Genetives) that I
quite seriously need to re-re-re-think at some point.


Wenetaic distinguishes Singular from Plural by root mutation and distiguishes item
nouns from mass nouns with affixes. The definate / indefinate distinction is
not present in ordinary discourse, although markers do exist for "this
particular" and "any". The unmarked form is generally definate in nature.

AFMCL news and updates:

I've been poring over my newish copy of Carl Darling Buck's dictionary of IE roots.
I'm very impressed. The Wenetaic rootlist is going to be updated on an
"as-needed" basis.

Work on the other langs (Meynian, Thagojian, mQlo` and my RPN-based trade-lang) is
well and truly on the back burner for a while, as are any thoughts whatsoever
about developing the associated conculture.

I may have figured out the phonology and romanisation of another lang in the
Wene-Thagojic subfamily of Indo-European, although I think this is also going
onto a back burner. I'm going to dig out Phono and Kimmo if I can find them,
and definately have to start using Kura once I've gotten Linux loaded (this
time, it's Mandrake 6.5)


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