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"The Miller's Sons" in Lenmoct

From:Jake X <starvingpoet@...>
Date:Saturday, April 26, 2003, 19:06
"Long ago, in a quiet village in France, there lived a miller.  That miller
had three sons and two daughters.  The oldest son wanted to become a knight
one day, but his father had no money to buy a horse.  The middle son wanted
to become a monk, but the nearest monastery had no room for him.  The
youngest son didn't know what he wanted to do.  We don't know what the
daughters wanted, because stories in those days didn't talk about such

Ba cg panddot busc ba pddanc, ci cdoaltddran-ga.  Aci cgol ete baddyd col
scod pano.
Cioa baddy, aci cuad cuado, petdec cem ci ciapyltddan-ty, gea cg cdoaltddan
aci nmel-nme cioa padda ciu ciapyl.  Cioa baddy metdea petdec cem cil
gea ci lenmenba ba ocga aci ecapddeastos-nme.  Cioa baddy, aci cuado cuad,
ot ddacec, tdea petdec cem acg ty.  Eno ot ddacadd, tdea col pan petdacec,
sag ot tdonanec gesto, acg cgi ga, cgol tsodo.

[ba x 'paNr@t bu:sk ba prank jI 'x9lTraNga.  ajI xol EtE 'barid cVl skVd
j9 'bari ajI wad 'wadO 'pETEk kEm jI 'japil,TraNti gV x 'kT9lTraN
ajI 'mElmE j9 'para ju 'japil.  c9 'bari ajI 'wadO wad
gV ji 'lEmENba ba 'Vxa aji E'kapr@st@smE.  j9 'bari aji 'wadO wad
Vt 'rakEk, TV 'pETEk kEm ax ti.  eN@ Vt 'rakar TV kVl paN peTakek
sag Vt T@'nanEk gEstO ax xi ga xVl 'tsVd@]

(if you've read the report on Lenmoct that I sent yesterday, you know
the articles decline several ways, and I don't feel like marking that here,
so tough.  I will mark general articles when they have the function
of cupola, introducer, etc...)

LOCATION the village quiet LOCATION "france," the-general rice-man-past.
To-him the-general three son-pl the-general two daughter-pl.  The brother,
to-him year year-pl, want-past self the-general horse-man-future, but the
to-him money-nullar he buy-infinitive the horse.  The brother middle
self the priest-future, but the priest-place LOCATION here to-it
The brother, to-him year-pl year, not know-past, what-objective want-past
future.  We not know-pres, what the women want-past, because not say-past
TIME the old-time, the thing-pl.

Lenmoct sentence do not necessarily require verbs.  Often they will just
point out
noun's existance and their relationship using just prepositions etc.  There
is no word
for to be, so that general articles in the first sentence up there point out
the existance
of the miller, instead of a phrase like there is.  I'm starting to get
curious now,
has anyone used a system similar to mine, with general/specific, where
articles are used to point out the existance of something or to state a
general class
of thing, and specific articles cover the function of indefinate and
definate articles
in languages like english.

"Cuad cuado," literally "year years," is an example of the superlative,
"the most years."  There is an adjectival superlative form, but it is not

"Cuado cuad," the opposite, means "the least years."

"Aci," which I translated as to-him or to-it, is the genitive form of the
general aticle "ci."
It is used to make the equivalent of the "have" construction in English,
among other uses.