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Re: HUMOUR (lingua vulgaris) Re: .com/religion

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Monday, September 24, 2001, 18:08
In a message dated 9/24/01 7:47:33 AM, taliesin@NUTS.EDU writes:

<< > 29.) Shali Speakers: Ha, ha, ha!  Everybody come and play in the shit!

> wonderful! Oh, happy, happy day!
Ooh! Tell us all about the Shali speakers (and their language). >> I think that, by now, I have to consider the Shali language a failure. Or, no, I won't say that. It's on the back burner--the one way in the back that's broken and takes three hours to heat soup. It was my attempt at a totally isolating language, and since I know none, it came out odd. But what really made it difficult was the fact that I only included the sounds I liked, and so there were no nasals, five vowels, and then the following consonants: l, f, v, t, d, s, z, S, Z, tS, dZ, j, w, h Look especially at the eight in the middle. When I actually tried to pronounce this language it was like saying, "Sally Zelshin sells shiny seashells sitting by the sunny, showy seashore". I actually recorded three sentences of it, along with all my other languages at the time. Each language took me about five minutes; Shali took me a half an hour. -David