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Introducing Heather Rice!

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Saturday, September 22, 2001, 7:06
Hey, gang,

    Heather sent me the following e-mail trusting that I'd send it out to you
all.  As you'll read, she's having trouble posting to this list: she can read
e-mails, but she can't send any.  So, if you can help, just reply and she'll
be able to read it, I gather.
    Welcome again, Heather!


Hello all,

I too have been lurking around conlang.  I had wanted to join the

group, but every time I tried I kept getting a "Server Error" message,

but I did manage to get a subscription, so I have been reading

everything and going nuts because I couldn't write or reply to any of

the emails.  So today I finally was able to register.  But the last few

days I have been going around in circles trying to post to the group in

general (how do you do that?) but my messages kept getting returned.

Sorry, David, to use your email like this, but replying to something

was the only way I could think of getting in here.

I am new here, so I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Heather Rice and I am 18.  I have been "conlanging" as

you all say it, since, oh, I guess was 12 or so.  I first started by

inventing alphabets and scripts for the English language, when one day

all of a sudden the thought struck me - Is it possible to invent a

language too?  The thought scared me, because I thought at the time

that it was such a huge, impossible task, but I wanted to try, just to

see if it was possible.  I tried and found out that it WAS possible.  I

laugh now to look back, because my

language was basically a replacement of words and had

a meager vocabulary, but I still to this day admire my compound

words.  Like - ubka = mammal, lomagi = gnaw, ubkagi = rodent.  After

many different variations of scripts, I came to the conclusion that

scripts weren't very complicated, unless I wanted to give myself a

headache just to write a simple word, which would ruin the entire

practicalness of it. So I switched to inventing languages.  Now I give

myself headaches just to come up with a phrase.

Over the years I have been the only person I know who invents

languages, other than maybe Tolkien and the man who invented

Klingon.  These past few years I was starting to wonder if there were

others out there as crazy as myself, so I started looking around and

stumbled across you guys.  I discovered they are not as crazy as

myself, they're crazier!

Right now I am working on a language, but it is still

in the infancy stage, and I haven't gotten to it lately becasue I

have been doing other projects.  But I thought I would include a clip

from a poem called, well, I can't find it right now and I need to get

off the computer, but I'LL BE BACK!


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