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Re: Teach Yourself Kamakawi

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Saturday, March 2, 2002, 2:04
david wrote:

>>Yes, I made good on that suggestion. ;) >>I've written the first three parts (part 0-2) of "Teach Yourself >>Kamakawi", with more to follow. I had a time of it, seeing as the darn >>template doesn't seem to recognize the "tab" feature or spaces at the >>beginning of a sentence. Hence, there's no indention (indenture?), and no >>neat format. Nevertheless, it's up, and it should be fun. Here she is:
I thought you did an EXCELLENT job on these lessons, including using one of the best techniques (IMHO), personality. It makes it so much easier to distinguish ipe from iko, for example. Ipe is drunk and disorderly, THAT lout. And it was a fun read. One question though: Where is the stress placed? >:D AIdan