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Re: Prosaic conlanging

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 29, 2002, 0:26
On Monday 28 January 2002 07:40, Michael Poxon wrote:
> I know most of us design our languages for "higher things", but > whilst having a bath recently and looking at the many translations > of everyday instructions, I thought it might be fun to turn some of > them into Omeina, so here goes:- > > Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with > water. >
In Kélen: héja wa Tó ánén anróñi; hí hija jáo hí ñarra anróñi ho anhári; good+future.aspect LA:negative this-here with eyes; if LA:possible+future this then Ñ eyes instrument-case water; Syntax: LA (thing-that-exists) Syntax: ÑI+agent (thing-acted-upon) Or, in simple(r) English: It would be a good thing that this not be with eyes. If this maybe is then you act on the eyes with water.
> > For best results always cook from frozen. >
And: é heja anhénár hí ilnaren pa anhóhíki jánne ancílre; and LA:good+future properness if always PA things-cooked(n.collective) beginning(n.singular) freezing-ness(n.stative); Syntax: PA (whole (part (part))) So, Properness will happen if always the frozen-state is (part of) the beginning of the cooked-things. -- Sylvia Sotomayor The Kélen language can be found at: This post may contain the following characters: á (a-acute); é (e-acute); í (i-acute); ó (o-acute); ú (u-acute); ñ (n-tilde);


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