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Prosaic conlanging

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Monday, January 28, 2002, 20:08
I know most of us design our languages for "higher things", but whilst having a
bath recently and looking at the many translations of everyday instructions, I
thought it might be fun to turn some of them into Omeina, so here goes:-

 Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Beku kerani mene dildiá. Ba na mene lia, sakseheku altaste.
(Beku) (ke-ra-ni) (mene) (dil-dia+locative -a). (Ba) (na) (mene) (lia), (sakse-he-ku) (alta-ste)

[negative imperative] [let-you-it] [to go] [eye-dual-locative]. [If] [it-does] [to go]
[in-them], [wash-intense-imperative] [water(substance)-instrumental].

For best results always cook from frozen.

Elesta derinalle, urituatsan rani kilkedunanen.
(El-esta) (deri-ina-lle), (uri-tua-tsan) (ra-ni) (kil-he-duna-nen)
[good-superlative] [end-abstraction-dative], [heat-causative-imperative2] [you-it]

Notes: The intensifier -he takes the form -ke after anything other than a vowel sound.
I have used the dative case to translate "for the doing of", "in order to", etc.
Imperative2 is a mild imperative, to be translated "you should, you really ought to," etc.


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