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Re: Prosaic conlanging

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 29, 2002, 23:51
    Others seem to be trying their hands at this, so I might as well too.

At 03:40 PM 1/28/02 +0000, Michael Poxon wrote:
> Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
Nga\zho_m'i\' vo_dza_xyi:g. 'I/dh zho_m'i\', dla/mghyo\dh n+a|za_l dho\. Not-feel-diminish feel-diminish, add-water manner-act-complete. Do not touch eyes. If touch happens, flush with water completely.
>For best results always cook from frozen.
Vo/l ngo_l+ vo_gr+a\ng'u/ng do:ng ju:vho^l nga\vo/l g+a|n. To result manner-work-severe cooking.heat all-time not-to freezing.cold. For best-working result, cook always from freezing. (I did have to invent a word for "result," and I may have to dig in on superlative adjectives.) --- Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page! [Circle of HEROS member] Music from Bob's Computer! (CD now available!) Want more hits to your web page?


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