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Re: CHAT: TRANS: something slightly more deep (was: TRANS: flutes)

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Saturday, February 5, 2000, 1:09
At 16:22 02/04/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>Since I seem to have kicked off a couple of translation relay-thingys, >here's another one. I'm not a Christian, but I thought a bit of the bible >would be a bit deeper than "I learned Swedish in Uppsala" ;). >Here we have God's first commandment in (archaic) Aredos > >euecuet-cue Deivos: estu luctom. >he_says-aorist and God-nom: be-3p_imperative light-nom >And God said "Let there be light" > >Dan
This may or may not be correct, as I haven't thought much about imperative constructions, but in Kélen: s-ashe ja árón án e-la ká hé ja luén from.him the lord one subj-exist deed good the light or, "from him, the one lord, "let exist the light" Sylvia Sylvia Sotomayor