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Re: Ong Rokbeigalmki (A Rokbeigalmki Chant)

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Saturday, October 2, 1999, 4:54
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De: Don Blaheta <dpb@...>
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Enviado: Viernes 1 de Octubre de 1999 10:20
Asunto: Re: Ong Rokbeigalmki (A Rokbeigalmki Chant)

> Quoth FFlores: > > andrew <hobbit@...> wrote: > > > Ricky Martin which mentioned a song he did for the soccer world cup
> > > included a line in the chorus that sounded to me like /olej olej
> > > Since this song included lines sung in English, French and Spanish,=
> > > suspect is was meant to be {allez, allez, allez} "Go! Go! Go!" rath=
er than
> > > Spanish {ole ole ole}. Pronunciation, to the untrained ear, become=
> > > blurred... > > > > So, didn't you hear the song? I heard that it was only used in some > > countries, not in others. In the version I heard (all the time) it wa=
> > clearly /a'le/. Maybe it was meant to be _allez_ but I suspect it was > > only there to fill the chorus. The song itself was hideous -- imagine > > hearing /a'le a'le a'le/ every five minutes for weeks... (Plus I just > > hate Latino singers that sing in the USA, in English, Spanish and
> > at the same time! :) > > It's clearly /a'le/, because there is (at least) one line of it where h=
> distinctly says /o'le/ instead, and it sounds very different. (Also, > the fact that that line is preceded by "go! go! go!" seems to indicate > that "allez" would make a lot of sense. ;) What is the Spanish 2PL for > "go"? "andan" or something like that?)
Id (vosotros) or Vayan (Uds.), but in such a situation the most common expression would be Vamos (let's go), which would be a way to cheer our favorite team during the match. Ole is not used in that situation... and as a native Spanish speaker I'm sure Ricky Martin was singing "al=E9" reather then "ole" or "ol=E9" (and = after there is no Spanish word "al=E9" so it most be French "allez"). Some tim= es we use "ole!" in a football match, but is an expression used when your favor= ite team is fooling the other team, like bullfighters fool the bulls. -- Carlos Th